Quality Standards

Customer-Oriented Management

Wishing to be the leader of production and distribution in Turkey's insulation industry, ERYAP GROUP has set its quality standards as follows;

  • To continue developing products according to the standards of the insulation industry and increase energy consumption efficiency,
  • To contribute to the national economy by increasing foreign market shares, and to enhance our leadership in the market with our customer-oriented, highly educated personnel with great teamwork application,
  • To follow international standards of job and worker safety and to educate our personnel about the subject,
  • To ensure our people to work in comfortable and safe environments by protecting them from the negative impacts and accidents of the work place, to conduct danger and risk analyses to remove conditions that may negatively impact the health and safety of all parties exposed to potential negative impacts,
  • To plan our R&D efforts by considering the potential environmental effects of our products, and to constantly notify all our stakeholders regarding our view about the environmental and environment-friendly practices,
  • To decrease production costs while increasing quality, To take data-based scientific operations as our bedrock in line with our desire for constant improvement, and to adopt increasing the efficiency of our processes up to the level of best in sector as a principle.
  • And most importantly, to continue improving our resources according to the conditions detailed in our Quality Management Systems and constantly enhance the efficiency in order to ensure customer satisfaction.


What is sustainability? Why is it important for business?

According to the worldwide definition, “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” We as ERYAP GROUP have entered the new world order where company-interest does not clash with public interest, and where social responsibility and environmental conservation are as big a responsibility for companies as their economic and profit-driven approach. Sustainability for the business world is possible through understanding the risks and opportunities brought by current trends and regulating their operations, products and services accordingly. Eryap Plastic Ind. and Trade. Inc. has made the pursuit of perfection its policy.

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