Frequently Asked Questions

I need a replacement window, what should I be on the lookout for?

Before all else, pick the Winer series most suitable for the climate you live in. With the right glass thickness and gasket material quality, your house will have great heat and sound insulation, and be waterproof besides. Rather than white profiles, you can also choose from the wide variety of colors and designs available for our new Winer product group to match your building and preserve its aesthetics.

When purchasing a window, what can I do to prevent future problems?

Above all, make sure to make your purchase from an authorized dealer of Winer Door and Window Systems. We recommend checking the TSE certificate and warranty, and contacting us through www.win-er.com.tr in the event of a mismatch.

I was recommended choosing a higher profile when picking a window, what does that mean?

The insulation properties of your window increase according to height and the number of chambers. A decision between our 60 mm or 70 mm series should be made depending on the location and height of your building. Our 60 mm series has 4 chambers, while our 70 mm series has 5.

How long is the warranty coverage for Winer Door and Window Systems?

The warranty coverage for Winer Door and Window System profiles are a minimum of 2 years after installation. The warranty for white-colored Winer profiles against yellowing that is caused by exposure to weather conditions is valid for 10 years. Do not forget to pick up your warranty from our dealers after installation is complete.

Is windowpane thickness important?

Windowpane choice is very important for PVC door and window systems. You have to make a choice from single or double and 24 mm or 36 mm panes depending on the climate region of your location. If you wish for good sound and heat insulation, you should have 12 mm for air pockets and at the very least double-glazed windows.

How should I clean PVC door and windows?

Make sure to peel off the protective foils on the Winer PVC Door and Window Systems after installation. Unpeeled foils will lose their protective functions with sunlight, and leave color and glue on window profiles that can not be removed.

Do not use cleaning products such as laundry bleach, hydrochloric acid or powder detergents while cleaning Winer PVC Door and Window Systems. Use dish-washing liquid and a soft piece of cloth to wipe down and dry the product without touching the gaskets.

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